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Info / Curriculum

I've been teaching guitar lessons since 2009. Every week I'm committed to helping my students reach their goals with customized lessons based around their playing ability. Whether you're a beginner who wants a good head start or an intermediate/advanced player who wants to sharpen up your chops!

Having taught hundreds of students over the years, I've seen sooooo many different technique hurdles students have come across preventing them from actually being able to play the songs/solos they wanna learn at full speed. And I am confident I can help get you on the right track, as it is my mission to prove that you can play anything if you practice the right way! We can also go over anything from technique, to ear training, or even how to set yourself up to record your own music/videos!

Availability / Rates

I teach on Saturday's, Sunday's, Monday's and Tuesday's between 10am and 6pm Pacific. Lessons are one hour and at the end, you'll get a recap video of everything we went covered! Rates are constantly changing based on availability, so message me for my current rate.

Contact / Questions?

So if you're interested or have any questions at all, hit up that contact form below! Give me a brief overview of what you'd like to improve on along with your time zone, and we'll get it goin'! See you there!

-Garrett :D

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